10 Wood Floor Patterns Design Ideas: Make Your Home More Beautiful

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Tired of ceramic floors? You can try a unique wood floor patterns model that will be guaranteed to make your home beautiful and relaxed. Check out more!

Wood floor patterns design ideas: There are many ways to make your home more beautiful and relaxed, one of which is by using wooden floors. 

This type of floor has long been a mainstay home interior in addition to ceramics that give a classic and minimalist impression.

The colours produced by the wood floor are pretty diverse, namely blackish brown, dark brown, and light brown. 

This mixture of beautiful colours often has unique patterns. 

However, wood floors are famously slippery than ceramic materials, so they need exceptional repairs.

The number of types and models of wood floors sometimes makes us confused. What are the differences and materials used? 

See the following explanation below for those of you who plan to use wood floor patterns to make the house’s foundation more charming.

Wood Floor Patterns Design to Make Beautiful House

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Wood Floor Patterns Design Ideas

Various wood flooring models are made of different materials with distinctive and unique motifs.

With a wide selection of wooden floor models available, you have to choose according to your needs.

Solid Wood Flooring

The first wood floor recommendation is a floor made of 100% original solid wood material that has been sanded and distilled several times. This type of wood floor has a relatively high price because the manufacturing material is pure.

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This floor has a thickness starting from 5/8 inch and is sold in elongated board packaging. However, this wooden floor needs special care because it is not resistant to high humidity levels.

Finished Hardwood Floor

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Finished Hardwood Floor is one of the wooden floor patterns that are quite in demand for lovers of wood floor models. This wooden floor model has undergone a fairly lengthy process, sanded and finely textured.

The installation process at home indeed becomes efficient, and of course, you can solve the floor affairs quickly.

Unfinished Hardwood Floor

Unfinished Hardwood Floor

Unlike before, an unfinished hardwood floor is a type of solid wood that has not been completed. You can arrange the pieces and give the colour of the wood according to taste. However, sometimes this wooden floor still has a rough texture, so you need to sand it first.

In addition, you can also colour this wooden floor according to taste and pair a protective layer so that the wood floor remains durable. This type of wood floor is suitable for storing in the living room or kitchen to keep warm.

Classic Vinyl Flooring

Worried because the wooden floor budget is not enough in your pocket or has too high a price? Classic vinyl flooring is the right choice for those who have a minimal budget because the price is friendly in the bag.

Classic vinyl wood flooring can be used for floor layers with a sheet shape and reasonably diverse pattern. You can choose several colours such as light brown, dark brown, and blackish brown.

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Parquet Floor

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This one floor is suitable for the living room to make it look more modern and charming. The pattern of the parquet floor in the form of abstract makes the foundation of your house more beautiful.

The installation is relatively easy because this wood floor patterns is in the form of a boundary of wood pieces that are easy to apply so that the edges of the floor pieces will be visible when used.

Laminate wood flooring

Laminate wood flooring is made of sawdust material combined with chemical materials that make the floor of your house more beautiful with abstract patterns.

This simple pattern motif in wooden floors is suitable for use in your home’s living room or family room. To make it more beautiful, use soft or brown furniture to make it look warmer.

Engineered wood flooring

This wooden floor is made of natural wood made in layers. In addition, this wooden floor has rigid attachments under its surface to have high durability in all challenges, so it is very comfortable to use in every room in the house.

Of course, you can choose this one engineered wood floor for those of you looking for durable and durable wood floors.

IronWood Floor

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If previously various types of wood floors, some are not resistant to moisture or only suitable for installation in the house. Ironwood can be installed outside homes exposed to direct sunlight, such as the front yard, front yard, or near the swimming pool.

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The durability of ironwood is highly durable so this wooden floor can last a long time.

Rosewood Floor

Another durable wood floor recommendation is Rosewood flooring. This floor has a rivet or black colour whose durability is similar to teak wood and ironwood.

Rosewood flooring is often the hunt of wood floor lovers because of its distinctive and unique colours and motifs. There is no need to worry about being damaged. This one floor is quite solid and hard.

Teak Wood Floor

Teak Wood Floor

Finally, a wooden floor model is most in demand by many people, namely teak wood floors. This wood floor weighs about 700-930 kg / m3 with 12% wood humidity, durable and comfortable to wear.

The advantages of teak wood flooring are mould resistant, termite resistant, and of course, resistant to decay in moist air.

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Well, this 10 Wood floor patterns design ideas can make your house more charming. From solid wood floors to engineered wood floors, which type of floor is your choice?

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