6 Mosque Architecture Design Ideas Inside the House, Feels Comfortable

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The existence of prayer rooms in the house becomes an important thing. Check out the various designs of the mosque architecture inside a home!

For some Muslims, the existence of prayer in the house is the main thing. The reason is the 5-time prayer service carried out by Muslims requires speciality so that a unique space is needed so that worship activities are more solemn.

Therefore, not a few Muslims choose to make prayers at home to support their worship activities. Especially soon ini Ramadan, the need for prayers in the house becomes very important so that they can be used to worship with family.

For those who want to build a prayer room at home to welcome Ramadan, below are some references that you can imitate. Check it out!

Inspiration for Mosque Architecture Design inside the House

Mosque Architecture Design Ideas Inside the House

The size of the mosque that you will build depends on its function. If you want to develop it to be used to worship with a large family, it takes a large mosque size and certainly requires a budget that is not small.

Conversely, if your family only consists of a small family, you can build a mosque with a medium size. Here are some examples of prayer rooms designed in the house that can bring a calm atmosphere when worshipping at home:

Mini Mosque Understairs

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If you have a terraced house with a size that is not too big, you can take advantage of the small space under the stairs for prayer. That way, you still have a particular worship room so that your prayers are more solemn. Suppose you are worried that your prayer will look stuffy.

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In that case, you can modify it so that the mosque remains pleasing to the eye and comfortable, such as decorating it with some calligraphy hangers or adding ventilation so that air circulation remains.

Do not forget to put a prayer mat or carpet that will later be used for prayer.

Also, prepare a hanger for the place to hang pray hijab and a prayer mat, so that your pray hijab does not have to bother being folded after finishing prayers.

Mosque in the Family Room

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Usually, the solemn atmosphere will be felt if no one interferes with worship. That is why many people deliberately create a particular room to worship at home so that worship activities are more solemn.

For those of you who have a house of a large size, it may not be a problem to make a new room for prayer.

But if your house is not too spacious, you can, you know, use the existing room to be used as a home mosque.

Family rooms usually have a slightly larger space than other rooms in the house. You can take advantage of a little of that vast area that remains.

Arrange it in such a way as to limit it to the room so that there is a barrier between the family room and the mosque.

Mosque with Outdoor View

The inspiration for the next Mosque architecture design is a mosque with outdoor views. A mosque model like this is suitable for those who have a garden in the house’s yard.

Wake up the mosque overlooking the outside garden. Add large glass windows so that your mosque gets enough light during the day and saves electricity due to lighting.

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In addition, large glass windows that display the garden or yard of the house will also make the mosque more lively and relaxed.

You can equip the curtains to close or open the window at will.

All-White Mosque

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For you minimalist lovers, try to build a mosque with an all-white design. The mosque architecture of the all-white mosque will make the mosque look elegant and beautiful. The white colour also symbolizes innocence, so it is suitable for prayer.

If you don’t like plain white too much, you can add patterned wallpaper so that the walls are not too empty. You can try sticking wallpaper with a white brick design to keep it minimalist.

Also, add wall hangings on the front wall right in front of the mosque, including the remembrance of Allah and the prophet Muhammad SAW.

Do not forget to provide a small closet to store all prayer equipment such as prayer Hijab, prayer mats, and others.

Wooden Floor Mosque

The design of the mosque in the next house that you make inspiration is the wooden floor prayer. Wooden floors are indeed a favourite of many people these days.

Wooden floors can certainly make the room seem calm and relaxed to make worship more comfortable and peaceful.

You can add some wall hangings so that the mosque is more lively. Do not forget to spread carpets or prayer mats made of soft so that your family worship activities are more comfortable.

If the size of your mosque has more space, you can add a small wushu place with a natural rock mosque architecture on the floor or wall of the ablution place. Also, add a rack that can be used to put other prayer equipment.

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Semi Outdoor Mosque

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If you have a house with a large yard, use the yard to build a mosque. No need to be too big or spacious. Just adjust it to the remaining yard in your yard. Unlike in the picture, add a sizeable slidable glass door on the right, left, front and back sides to protect your prayer room from the rain.

With a prayer model like this, you don’t need to bother thinking about things that can make the Mosque feel relaxed because the wind can enter from all directions.

Just shift the door. Also, place a hanging cabinet or cabinet to place prayer equipment so that it is not easily dirty if not used.

Do not also forget to add carpet and prayer mats to the floor of the Mosque.

That’s a variety of mosque architecture designs in the house that you can make inspiration. Soon Ramadan arrives, there is nothing wrong with you preparing prayers in the place so that your worship with your family is more solemn.

Let’s start living a beautiful and blessed life from now on. Welcome, Ramadan with sincerity and sincerity!

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