7 Granite Top Kitchen Table Ideas, Minimalist and Elegant for Kitchen

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Are you looking for inspiration from Granite Top Kitchen Table models for a minimalist and elegant kitchen look? Here is the complete information!

Granite Top Kitchen Table: Having a beautiful kitchen table is not only part of the room’s aesthetics. 

The selection of models and colors will affect the overall impression of the house and its comfort in it.

Nowadays, many homes use granite stone as a material for room furniture, including kitchen tables. 

Its unique motifs and attractive colors are why granite is widely used as an interior element of a minimalist and elegant kitchen.

Therefore, if you are interested in using granite as a model of your kitchen table, here are some references to granite kitchen tables that you can use!

Granite Top Kitchen Table Design Ideas

Granite Top Kitchen Table Ideas

Before choosing granite, you need to know that many types of stones can be used according to their needs and purposes.

Like, granite for floors and granite stones for tables. In order not to choose the wrong one, you can see some references to its use below:

Tan Brown Granite Type

Tan Brown granite is commonly native to India. As seen, the motif of this granite is so typical of the country.

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If you pay attention several times to Indian movies and series, there will often be a kitchen table with a Granite Tan Brown motif.

For the price, Tan Brown Granite is priced at around USD 9 per meter. Prices may vary according to the availability and rarity of the selected granite.

Nero Assoluto Granite Modern Table Top Table

If you are looking for granite suitable for use on the Top Table and Backsplash from a minimalist kitchen.

This Nero Assoluto granite can be your choice. This stone comes from Zimbabwe.

The color is pitch black and looks modern and masculine.

Granite Nero Assoluto can also be obtained at about USD 140 per meter, and the cost can vary according to availability.

Classic Kitchen Table Granite Cream White

Suppose you like a luxurious, classic and clean look. You can use Granite Cream White as a kitchen table.

Maybe not many people choose white to be placed in the kitchen, but there is no harm when placed in a clean kitchen.

Simple colors and motifs are very suitable when combined with the room’s interior with matching colors.

Bordeaux Crema Granite for Warm Shades

Bordeaux Crema Granite for Warm Shades
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The look of your kitchen table can always be more trendy and modern, with warm colors that dominate. Using Granite Crema Bordeaux stone can be your choice to present this impression.

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Red, beiges and grey colors dominate this granite. Its modern look is perfect for a functional minimalist home type.

Luxury Kitchen Table with Granite Nero Marquina

If you are looking for granite stones with the best quality and unique motifs, you can choose granite from Spain. Spain itself is still the best producer of granite in the world.

This type of Granite Nero Marquina from Spain will be suitable for use in an elegant kitchen table concept and model but wants to look still sturdy and modern.

Royal White Granite Is More Elegant

Perhaps this type of granite can be one of the most common and easy to find.

The model and color are neutral and straightforward but suitable for kitchen tables with various concepts and spaces.

No need to be afraid to use this color on your kitchen table. Just put it in a clean kitchen as the centre of your dining room.

Unique Look with Granite Tigers

Do you like motifs that are bold, unique and rarely owned by others? You can try Granite Tigers. As the name suggests, this stone motif is like tiger skin and is dominated by black and orange colors that produce a tiger skin-like shape.

Although not commonly used, you can still have and use it on your minimalist home kitchen table.

Have you now received inspiration from the Granite Top Kitchen Table ideas above?

Choose granite according to your needs and the type that suits your taste.

Of course, by using granite, your kitchen table becomes more special!

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You can also visit the nearest granite store around your residence to find a wide selection of furniture and other home supplies at the best prices and offers!

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