7 Small and Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design 3×3. Beautiful and Spacious!

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A small room can be more beautiful and feel more spacious with the right ceiling design. Here is an example of a 3×3 simple bedroom ceiling design.

When designing a room, many aspects need to be considered to beautify the room. One crucial but often forgotten aspect is the ceiling design.

The ceiling has several functions, including reducing heat from sunlight, protecting the house from rainwater splashes, covering the frame of the upper house, and so on.

In addition to being functional, the ceiling can also be used to beautify the bedroom.

If you have a 3×3 bedroom, maybe you will think that it is not much you can do to beautify the small bedroom.

But in fact, the ceiling design itself can make the space more attractive, comfortable, and even look more prominent than its actual size.

3×3 Small and Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design

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Small and Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design

There are various kinds of ceiling designs that you can use to make the room more beautiful and look more spacious. Here are some examples of simple bedroom ceiling designs measuring 3×3.

  1. Wooden Ceiling

If you like the appearance of wood in your bedroom, this design is for you.

You can use natural materials such as wood to give your room a warm and elegant impression.

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To add a more comfortable impression, you can combine this ceiling design with a minimalist room design and home furnishings made of wood.

  1. Wooden Accents

You can also combine a wooden ceiling with a ceiling in general. Using modular wood accents can give the bedroom a warm and luxurious impression.

To make this impression, you can add wooden accents on the edges of the ceiling. In addition to being warm, this design also gives a natural appearance.

  1. Wooden Beams

7 Small and Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design 3×3. Beautiful and Spacious!

By using wooden blocks, you can also make the appearance of a 3×3 bedroom more unique. The installation of wooden beams for this design is also quite simple.

This wooden beam design can make a small 3×3 bedroom more elegant and unique.

  1. Plain grey

If you like industrial or Scandinavian room design, this design is suitable for wear. The simple grey look makes the room look simple.

However, this plain and simple design can make a small room look more spacious and comfortable. If you want to give a modern impression, you can add a chandelier to the room.

  1. Ceiling with LED Lights

For those who want to make a 3×3 bedroom look more luxurious and charming, you can use LED lights on the ceiling design.

You can also add unique decorations to make the room more unusual, like in the example picture. Combining this design with cream or white paint can also make the room feel more comfortable.

  1. Floating Ceiling

The ceiling design does not need to be complicated to make the room unique and attractive. This simple design you can display by dividing the ceiling into several parts.

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The parts are cut or separated, thus making the ceiling look floating. Then, you can add a warm colour on each side so that the small bedroom looks luxurious.

  1. Skylight Ceiling

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If your bedroom is located on the top floor or adjacent to the roof, you can use a sloping roof design to install skylights as the room’s ceiling. Skylights are vents that look like windows placed on the top.

This design allows sunlight to go directly into the bedroom. In addition to presenting a direct view of the sky, the bedroom becomes brighter and feels spacious. With natural lighting, you can also save electricity.

That is Some simple bedroom ceiling design for 3×3 bedrooms can make the room more beautiful, attractive, and feel more spacious.

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