8 Granite Flooring Designs Ideas: Make your House Look Luxurious!

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Looking for the best Granite Flooring model inspiration? Check out the complete recommendations below! The house is luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.

Granite Flooring:¬†having an aesthetic, modern, and neat residence is undoubtedly everyone’s dream. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are willing to beautify their homes.

One of the essential aspects that can be seen is the floor of the house. Several materials can be used for flooring, including the popular one is granite flooring. What is a granite floor?

Granite floor is one of the floors with natural rock material and has a high price. The advantages of this floor compared to other types of floors are that it is sturdy, durable, and not easily broken.

Granite Flooring Design Recommendations

Granite Flooring Designs Ideas

There are many colours, patterns, and designs, which you can choose from on this granite floor. Choose according to the atmosphere of your home so that the place to live looks more luxurious and beautiful.

Here are some recommendations for granite floor models that you can try:

Zigzag Granite Floor Model

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Zigzag granite floor motifs have irregular patterns. Nevertheless, using this floor model makes the house look aesthetically pleasing and charming.

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This motif you can get with shapes such as the letters W or Z. Using brown and ash colours also makes the house look more pleasant and straightforward to look at in your room.

Black Granite Floor Model

For you who has a house colour that is very identical to the dark color. Maybe you can consider using this black granite floor model.

Adjusting to the atmosphere of your home, this floor model also looks luxurious, elegant, and shiny because it has a glossy effect.

The black colour on the granite floor also makes the house not easily dirty.

Modern Granite Floor Models

8 Granite Flooring Designs Ideas: Make your House Look Luxurious!

The combination of Granite Flooring with light brown and dark brown colours makes the house look stunning and magnificent and attracts guests’ attention. Not only that but there are also modern abstract motifs that make it even more perfect.

Urban area houses have widely used the nuances of this granite floor, you know.

Vintage Granite Floor Model

Vintage Granite Floor Model

The next granite floor model you can apply to the house is granite floors with vintage motifs.

This floor model is designed using a combination of beige and white colours. It is suitable for those who have a house with a bright atmosphere. It Guarantees occupancy and increasingly looks aesthetic when using this granite floor model!

Wood Motif Granite Floor Model

This granite floor motif is familiar to some people. How not? This model is already popular among homeowners.

Using wood patterns, this granite floor makes the house feel luxurious, elegant, and modern. Not only that, but you can also see the sparkling effect on this granite floor!

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White Granite Floor Model

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Many people indeed favour the colour white. This type of colour can make the house look cleaner and more natural.

What’s more, this colour is easy to combine with various shades of home furnishings. However, you are also obliged to clean the floor regularly because stains and dirt on the white floor will be younger visible.

Gray Ceramic Granite Floor Model

The following recommendation for Granite Flooring choice is granite ceramics with a grey colour. Its exotic and glossy look makes the house look aesthetic and luxurious.

Like white, the colour of ash is also easy to combine with other paint colours. Because white can be interpreted as a simple, neutral, and not sharp colour.

Granite Floor Model with Motif in the Middle

Granite Floor Model with Motif in the Middle

If you want to have a slightly different and striking floor feel, you can add a motif in the middle of the room.

It will attract more attention if you use granite floor motifs combined with various colours and patterns. Not only impressed elegant, but this floor model also makes the residence look like European houses, you know.

Those are some recommendations for granite floor models that you can apply to your home. Although priced at a high price, this type of granite floor makes the residence look luxurious and elegant, you know.

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You can consider various recommendations for granite floor models above if you have a budget.

You can also find granite floors and various other home furnishings in your area!

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