9 Plant Pots Design Ideas: From Rattan to Jar

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Let’s make your garden and house more Beautify with various models of plant pots. The house becomes more beautiful, neat and still aesthetic!

Plant Pots Design: Plant hobby is one of the up-and-coming hobbies, especially since the pandemic.

They are suitable for the environment, and plants also act as decorations that can beautify the house, garden and office.

The plant itself contributes to the beauty of the space, but the potted plant itself is also essential.

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You know, there are various types of ornamental plant pots that you can choose.

What is plant pots

What is plant pots

Plant pots are a solution to gardening without using large tracts of land. By using pots, you can more easily move the position of plants at any time.

However, choosing the right pot turns out to be quite tricky because you should not just determine. The pots you will use should have materials tailored to the type and type of plant itself.

Wrong to choose a pots, your plants will rot in the pots.

Benefits of plant pots

The benefits of ornamental plants are aesthetically valuable and suitable for physical and mental health.

The function of ornamental plants to beautify the room can increase into a tool to moisturize the air to get rid of toxins.

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Various studies have even shown results that support the function of ornamental plants to maintain physical and mental health.

Various Plant Pots Design Ideas

Various Plant Pots Design Ideas

Here are nine types of ornamental plant pots design that you can choose according to the taste and aesthetics of your home or office!

Clay Pot

Clay pots are one of the most common and traditional types of pots. Its original brown colour gives this type of pot a natural impression.

However, now many clay pots have been painted in other colours.

This clay pot is quite heavy. So, it is not easy to move or shift accidentally. On the other hand, clay pots are more difficult to move.

When using this pot, you should often water the plant regularly. Because this clay material absorbs water.

Stone Pot

Another type of Plant Pots Design that is also no less beautiful is a pot made of stone. This type of pot will look very integrated with nature. This stone pot is durable and durable. It could even be decades.

Stone pots of good quality usually come at a relatively high price. But, if it can last for decades, it’s worth it.

Metal Pot

Metal pots can be your choice as well. Various metals are often planted in potted materials, namely iron, copper, and aluminium.

Although durable, the age of the plan pots will be reflected in their appearance. The appearance of the pot will change over time. However, this old look is favoured by those who like rustic items and antique nuances.

There is something to pay attention to again. Because it is made of metal, this pot also absorbs heat and is easy to overheat when placed in a hot location.

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This may affect the soil quality of the plant.

This type of pot will be very suitable for your home in an industrial style.

Hanging Pot

Pots with this hanging style can be a solution for those whose garden area is not too large.

The reason is, hanging potted plants do not take up space on the floor.

Usually, the hanging pot will be smaller in size.

Displaying plants in a hanging way is also unique and unusual, thus giving a creative and artistic impression.

Do not forget to pay attention to the location and strength of the hanger for security.

Painted Pot

Tired of so-so pots? Not finding a plant pot that suits your taste and style? Just paint yourself!

You can try to paint in clay plant pots. In this way, Toppers can determine for themselves the colors and images contained in your pot.

This kind of personal touch is what makes a space have its own personality that reflects its owner!

Transparent Glass Pot

The transparent pot made of glass looks very artistic! Because, you can see the beauty of the roots of the plant that spread down.

Small transparent pots are very suitable to be a display in the room. Hydroponic plants are a type of plant that is suitable for pots like this.

Rattan Pot

In addition to being a place for plants, pots made of rattan will be lovely when it becomes part of the decoration of a room.

This pot is more frequent and more suitable for indoor plants.

Because putting it outdoors can make this type of pot easily damaged.

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Don’t worry. Pots with rattan material are pretty easy to clean!

Ceramic Pot

Ceramic pots are the right choice for your classic home.

Its elegant appearance makes it look classy in your home.

Beautiful, affordable price and good air circulation for plants, the popularity of ceramic pots is not without reason!

Pot Jar

Pot Jar

Do you have an unused glass jar at home? You can also use it in a pot.

Spices such as basil, oregano, and rosemary can grow well in glass jar pots.

Jars that are often used as pots are mason jars.

Those were nine models of Plant Pots Design that must be very beautiful and inspiring.

Which one best suits your taste?

Adjust to the type of plant you have and the house’s feel.

So that plant pots can beautify the look of your home to the maximum.

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