How To Get Rid of Aphids On Roses That Actually Works!

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Aphids (aphids) are small sap-eating insects that also attack rose plants. Although most plants can overcome the problem of aphids without permanent damage, you may have to take action if aphids damage or make rose plants die.

Watering plants every day is a simple step that can fix to repel aphids and maintain plant health. If watering alone is not enough, you can bring aphid predators into the garden.

If this method is ineffective, you can spray organic midges made from soap, garlic, or neem oil.

You need to know that aphids are a group of insects that can damage plants.


These insects live in the colony, attacking young parts of the plant, such as shoots, buds, and flowers, by sucking fluid from the plant.

If left unchecked, the affected part will be dry, curly, dwarf, and eventually die.

In addition to causing damage to plants, these pests can also be carriers of the virus.

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Don’t want you to see the plants you take care of with difficulty die because of this tick?

You need to know how to eradicate aphids with natural ingredients!

Before knowing that problem, you must first understand the types of aphids that can attack plants.

Just look at the explanation below To Get Rid of Aphids On Roses!

Types of Aphids

How To Get Rid of Aphids On Roses That Actually Works
  • Aphids

In the tropics, attacks from this pest usually occur in the dry season.

This aphid population is also very fast growing because it can reproduce in 2 to 3 days.

This one plant pest can move from one plant to another quickly.

If it is not eradicated, this tick will become the primary pest of deadly plant destroyers!

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  • Thrips

This tick can be a virus carrier that causes plant diseases and makes the leaves curly.

To eradicate these aphids, you can pull out the stems or burn the affected parts of the plant.

  • Kebul Lice

The whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) has a high-speed breeding ability.

He can also lay eggs by way of no mating (parthenogenesis)

  • Mites

Meanwhile, mites that often attack plants are yellow (Polyphagotarsonemus latus)..

This pest can be found in all seasons, whether the rainy season or the dry season.

How To Get Rid of Aphids On Roses with Natural Ingredients

Spraying Plants with Water Regularly

How to eradicate aphids with natural ingredients the first is to prepare water in the spray of the plant.

Then, place the plant outdoors and spray it with water all over the plant.

Then, spray the chilli water and onions on the area attacked by aphids.

Spraying Plants with Chili Water and Onions

If aphids are still attached to plants at home, you can try this way!

Yes, you only need to mix onions and chilli that have been mashed with water.

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Then, spray the chilli water and onions on the area attacked by aphids.

Spraying Plants with Soap Solution

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Liquid soap can also be used as an ingredient in an aphid exterminator solution.

The reason is that liquid soap has substances that can make aphids dry out.

In addition, liquid soap is also safe for plants.

How to make this soap solution is also straightforward!

In the first step, you should prepare 2 to 3 spoons of liquid soap.

Then, prepare a spray bottle that has been filled with warm water and mix it with dish soap by shaking.

Then, you can spray a solution of liquid soap on plants affected by aphids.

  • Using Adult Ladybirds

In addition to spraying, you can also try how to eradicate aphids naturally on this one!

After you water the plant every night, you can put adult ladybirds on the plant.

Then, the ladybird will directly prey on aphids.

Amazingly, one adult ladybird can consume about 100 aphids in a day!

  • Pruning Affected Leaves

If you find that some plants have been affected by aphids in huge quantities, quickly trim the part!

This method needs to stop the spread of ticks to other areas.

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