How to Repel Pack Rats Naturally in Home ( FAST! )

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Does your house often come with uninvited rats? Check out the collection of how to drive rats out of the most powerful house with natural ingredients, practical!

Rats are one of the enemies for humans at home.

How not? Its presence makes a loss for everyone because these rodents in addition to being dirty, are also a source of disease.

The ingenuity of a Rats in tricking traps to kill it makes it continue to wander around life.

So that makes most people look for another way to drive the Rats or Rodent, namely by expelling it naturally and without the need for poison to kill it.

How to Get Rats Out of the House

How to Repel Pack Rats Naturally in Home

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By relying on natural ingredients that are easily found in the environment around us, rats that can at any time damage your home and even your vehicle, will run away instantly.

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In addition to natural, we also do not need to bother giving rat poison that will make it difficult to find the carcass and cause an unpleasant smell. Check out the full description.

  1. Pepper Powder

Ground pepper is one of the most powerful ways to repel rats because of its spicy aroma that makes rats will run away in a short time.

The use of ground pepper as a powerful way to drive rats out of the house can be done by sprinkling ground pepper in every corner of your home.

  1. Durian Skin

If durian skin can only be regarded as waste after eating the meat, you are wrong, Toppers! Durian skin turns out to have benefits as one way to drive rats out of the house.

You only need to put durian skin in the area passed by rats because rats really hate the pungent aroma of durian.

  1. Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are one of the powerful expulsion of rats from the house. You just need to spread the bay leaves to areas that are often visited by rats.

When rats eat it, even the bay leaf can cause death for rats. Do this way until all the rats manage to leave, yes!

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  1. Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves can be used as one of the powerful ways to repel rats because in the soursop leaves there is a stimulating substance that emits odors, and this smell will be avoided by a rats.

You need to crush the tear of soursop leaves into small pieces before placing them in an area of the room that rats often pass through.

  1. Used Tea Bags

One way to drive rats out of the house effectively is to put used tea bags into a corner that is often passed by rats. However, it should be remembered, only moist used tea bags will work effectively to repel rats.

The content of peppermint in the tea bag will make the smell of rats very disturbed.

  1. Coffee Grounds

In addition to being a breakfast friend in the morning, it turns out that ground coffee can be used as a powerful way to repel rats.

Coffee will disguise the sense of smell of rats because coffee grounds have a very sharp smell so that rats will avoid areas where there is coffee grounds.

However, make sure that the coffee grounds you sprinkle are black coffee grounds!

  1. Baking Soda

This powerful way to drive away rats is very mandatory for you to understand! Baking soda turns out to have other advantages to make rats go even die.

You just need to mix baking soda with foods that rats like. After this baking soda mixture reacts in the stomach of the mouse, the mouse will not be able to emit gas in the body.

Rats will leave for a short time into the open space, before eventually dying from holding the gas.

  1. Steel Wool

When rats are trying to explore the walls of your home, try using steel wool as one of the powerful ways to repel rats.

Steel wool is iron in the form of winding and is commonly used for sponge replacement dishwashers.

This material will also work to inhibit the passage of rats on the walls of your home.

  1. Cloves

Although cloves store a fragrant smell and can calm the body, the aroma released by cloves is still not liked by rats.

Cloves that you can use as one way to repel rats must be cloves that have dried, yes!

Alternatively, you can also use cloves coated with gauze packs to repel rats.

  1. Vinegar

White vinegar that used to be a friend to eat your meatballs now has other benefits as one of the powerful ways to repel rats! If you are interested in driving rats out of the house in this way, you need a cotton ball to smear with vinegar.

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After that, you need to put a cotton ball that has been mixed with vinegar into the mouse nest.

  1. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are one of the powerful ways to drive rats out of the house. You need to crush the mint leaves by adding a little water mixture and placing the mint leaves that have been mixed with water into the spray bottle.

You just need to spray a mixture of water and mint leaves into an area that rats often explore.

  1. Garlic

Who says kitchen spices cannot be used as the main weapon to repel rats? Not only can it be used as a complement to the taste of a food, garlic plays a great role in driving rats out of the house effectively.

You also need gauze to be filled with garlic. After wrapping, place the packet of garlic that has been coated with gauze to an area that is often approached by rats.

  1. Eggshell

After you finish frying the eggs, don’t throw away the eggshells right away, Toppers! Eggshells have other benefits for driving rats out of the house.

How to repel rats this one can be done first by drying the eggshell first and destroying it by pounding.

Then, you just need to sprinkle the eggshell impact into every corner of the house.

  1. Dogfruit Skin

Not only humans do not like the smell of Dogfruit, but rats also feel the same way. The aroma released by Dogfruit will make the mouse run away and do not want to approach.

As one way to repel rats, you need to destroy the skin of Dogfruit by blending, then make it into a liquid in a spray container.

  1. Camphor

Know the little balls of camphor that are in our house? Well, it turns out that camphor can be used to repel rats naturally, loh!

One way to drive rats out of the house by using camphor can be done by spreading some camphor grains in the corner of the house that is often passed by rats.

But, there is one important thing to keep in mind. As much as possible, avoid placing camphors near food, yes!

  1. Onions

There are a wide variety of onions available and many types of onions you can use to repel rats. One of them is onions.

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The smell of onions is quite pungent for rats. You just need to peel and slice it, and then put it near the mouse nest. Replace the onions after the old one has been rotten.

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil produces a fairly strong aroma, even for humans. Therefore, this oil is very powerful in repelling rats at home.

You should use eucalyptus oil that has a concentration of 5% to get maximum effectiveness. Then, spray it into the rat’s nest.

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  1. Dry Ice

Dry ice or dry ice can also be used to drive rats out of the house. Dry ice is quite potent because of the carbon dioxide it produces.

This carbon dioxide can anesthetize and kill rats. To get maximum results, place dry ice on the rat’s driveway. Do not forget to use gloves so that the ice does not damage the skin.

  1. Shallots

Another type of onion that you can use to repel rats is onions. The smell was pungent and the rats found it disgusting.

The method is the same as other onions. Stay peeled and steamed, then put them in places favored by rats.

  1. Bleaching Liquid

To whiten clothes, you must use bleach or bleach. You can also use this search to repel rats.

So that this liquid does not cause too pungent odor, mix bleach with water first. Then, spray it on the rodent’s dwelling. This liquid can also be used to clean areas that are dirty because of urine, feces, or rat blood.

Those are some of the most powerful ways to how to repel pack rats naturally by using natural ingredients that you can find around your residence.

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However, if you want to kill this rodent quickly and easily, you can use rat glue, mass mouse traps to mouse shots.

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